Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Using a scraper

I bought a gooseneck scraper at the woodworking store, and did some reading about how to use them. Thanks to some Cafe members and some articles they posted links to, I learned that you can't just use a scraper right out of the package, you have to burnish it first. This process confused me at first, but I get it now. I got a good square edge and tried to use one of my screwdrivers to finish burnishing it, but it's obviously not made of solid steel- metal was being removed from the screwdriver but the scraper was unaffected. I'll go out tomorrow and find something I can use.

Here are a couple good links talking about burnishing scrapers-

I did go by Harbor Freight, and they have dial guages there on sale for $6.95, so I picked one up. I plan to build my thickness caliper tomorrow.

**I told you when I started that I am really a beginner at this stuff. Lots of people say they are a beginner, but they have some experience in this or that. I really have no woodworking experience at all, but I'm determined to learn.


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